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What mom does not love to take pictures of her baby to capture her baby’s changes each month?

So, you’ve had your baby a month ago and had your newborn session but by now your baby has already changed so much.

A quick side note, I hope you have at least one of those Newborn session images hanging on your wall as a framed print or even as a canvas.

You want to keep track as your little one changes and grows by taking a photo every month. Great idea, a  lot of new moms are doing just that.

WNY Newborn Photographer | Gypsy's Corner Photography | www.gypsyscornerphotography.com

1. Location, Safety and Light

Decide on a spot where to shoot that photo every month. That could be in the crib, on a big recliner,  laying on a blanket on the floor or sitting in the middle of your bed.

Whatever spot you choose ALWAYS think of safety first!!!

Since you are planning to do this every month, as baby gets more mobile you’ll want to make sure there is no way for the little one to get hurt. You can always use your spouse or another family member or friend as a ‘spotter’ to be close to the baby and keep baby safe.

Watch the light in the room/area you are taking the picture.  Make sure it is not too harsh coming through the window. You want bright but diffused, maybe by sheers or blinds. Sunlight  can make harsh shadows on babies face so keep an eye on that.

Whatever space you decide on, watch how the light changes during the day and decide what would be the most favorable time to take the picture, hopefully that is not during babies nap time.

2. Consistency and Theme

It works really well if you use consistently the same time of day, spot/position, setup and props for each monthly picture. That could be as simple as a teddy bear next to baby, a little cute printed label or sticker with each months number on it in the picture, a headband/bow or hat  that will be worn each month etc. The possibilities are endless.

Take the photo from the same position and angle,  filling the frame the same way each month.

For more inspiration and ideas you can go to my Pinterest board.

3. Take more then one picture

After you get that shot for your monthly baby picture don’t stop there. Take a few more from different angles, close ups of there little features, fingers or feet. Capture them lifting up their head, rolling over, crawling all those new things you see baby do.

4. Have fun with it and don’t stress

Don’t forget to set a calendar reminder on your phone for your baby photo day.

Yes I said be consistent with your setup and light etc. but the world will not end if you take that photo a day or even a few days late. Little ones get sick, have bad days or you have other things going on, it’s ok!

Get it done when you can and go with the flow because even if baby is not looking or smiling you are still capturing your little one. These days you won’t get back, they are only this little once – Capture it!

5. Print them

Lastly, print those pictures!!!! Yes technology is awesome. With ipads, laptops and phones we all have hundreds or thousands of images on them but data is lost easily and technology changes.

You will be grateful to have your special memories in print if you’d ever lose your digital file of a certain picture.

If you would like to schedule a 6 month milestone session or a 1st Birthday and Cake smash session email me you can check out my work on my website,  I’d love to hear from you.

WNY Baby Photographer | Gypsy's Corner Photography | www.gypsyscornerphotography.com