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How do you get a Newborn to sleep for the session?

When I have parents come into the studio for their Newborn session they often ask me this question.

Ninety five percent of the time I’m able to get all sleepy images, but every now and then a newborn is awake for part or all of the session. I work around that and the images are just as beautiful as the sleepy ones.


Newborn session safety

Sometimes the images you see online can be deceiving. A lot of patience goes into a Newborn session and they are never rushed. Babies comfort and safety comes always first. This is the exact reason why Newborn sessions can run 2 – 4 hours. We take breaks for baby to eat, get cleaned up or to just get Mommy cuddles.


I always try my best to get a specific pose, but if I feel baby is not comfortable in a pose I move on. He or she ALWAYS calls the shots – literally!


Those cute poses and props

Certain poses or prop shots are composites and created with combining two images during the editing process. There are always hands on baby and a parent or assistant is only inches away insuring baby’s safety.

Oh and did I say – Babies safety ALWAYS comes first?


Some of what I do or use in my studio in Williamsville NY

There are a couple of things I do or use regularly that aid me in sessions. I always ask parents to feed baby right before they come to my studio. They sleep so much better when they have a full tummy. Babies that may not be very sleepy  when they arrive can be swaddled tight and they usually settle down pretty quickly. A pacifier to sooth them to sleep when posing is also great.


Having a warm studio (85 degrees) is a must. Newborns just left the cozy warm environment of the womb and they love the heat. I tell parents to dress appropriately and be comfortable and I advise them that I will be a hot mess by the end of the session Ha Ha.

The last item I can NOT live without is the baby shusher!

This is truly the best invention since sliced bread and no I’m not associated with them I just like their product.

Baby Shusher by babyshusher.com


This link actually has some awesome baby shower gift ideas and the shusher is among them. It has made things so much easier during my Newborn sessions.


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Tamara of Gypsy’s Corner Photography is a WNY Newborn Photographer also specializing in children and family photography in Buffalo, New York and Williamsville.