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Why I don't use live animals in my Easter Mini Sessions by Gypsy's Corner Photography Buffalo NY

A question about my Easter Mini Sessions

I’m currently offering Easter and Spring Mini Sessions and some clients have asked why I don’t have live chicks or bunnies for those sessions.


Having been asked several times over the past few days, I just wanted to offer some information to why I decided, that using live chicks or bunnies in my sessions, is not the right decision for my business.

My reasons not to include live animals

I love and adore cute little chicks, ducklings or bunnies just as much as the next girl but when I considered this and started researching it, the rules and regulations and risks outweighed the cuteness factor for me.


The legal stuff

In order to handle live animals (other than pets) you need legally, in many states, USDA required permits and licenses.  In some states an animal specialist/veterinarian has to be present to insure the animals are treated and cared for properly during your session.


Having been involved in rescuing and the fostering of dogs I know from first hand experience that animals, especially young ones, are not used to being handled and stress very easily.

The risks involved with handling live animals

Small children don’t always know how to handle animals properly and often completely unintentionally hurt the animal and accidents happen.  I would be horrified if something bad would happen during one of my sessions that could traumatize a child or injure an animal.


In addition there is the risk of the baby bunny or chick carrying a disease. Little bunnies, especially when scared and under stress can bite and little chicks could scratch your child.

I personally choose not to put my clients children in a situation where they could get hurt and for me the safety and liability issue is just not worth it.

The alternative I offer to including live animals

The images throughout this post provide my clients an alternative with a similar ‘look’ for their session without the risks. Only digital overlays were used for the images in this blog post.

If you are interested in booking a Easter/Spring Mini Session for your little one please contact me through my Website or my Facebook Page.

Tamara of Gypsy’s Corner Photography is a WNY Child Photographer also specializing in newborn and family photography in Buffalo, New York and Williamsville.